Visual Identity

Looking good!

The visual identity is the first impression people get of a brand or company, and therefore a valuable asset.

Logo design by Oh! Display

Logo Design

A logo is so much more than just a fancy picture with a name on it. It's a brand's identity, an image that represents its values and conveys its personality.

We create the perfect logo for each brand. Every design is personalised, original and unique. Professional graphic designers and marketing specialists work together in order to deliver visually attractive as well as business effective new logos. 

Logo redesign Oh! Display

Logo Redesign

After a long time a logo might stop reflecting the brand's values accurately, or just look outdated. Or maybe it's the right moment for a nice makeover. However, we can help.

All logos deserve a second chance. Whether a subtle change or a complete makeover is in order, our professional graphic designers and marketers will take the best of any old logo and make it into an updated, great looking and efficient one.  

Brand identity design by Oh! Display

Brand Identity

When a business is on display, it has to look its best! We make sure each brand, whether institutional, corporative or personal, has its own unique and attractive Brand Identity.

We design logos, stationary, business cards, flyers, websites, promotional items, packaging and more, keeping an aesthetic continuity and visual organization to make the brand easier to be recognized and remembered.    

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